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News & Events

19 September 2012
CHINA: Writer and member of the Independent Chinese PEN Centre (ICPC) Dr Jiao Guobiao arrested.

20 June 2012
CHINA: Fears for dissident writer Li Bifeng

22 February 2012
CHINA/TIBET: Writer arrested in ongoing crackdown.

12 July 2011
CHINA/TIBET: Writer and editor sentenced.

6 July 2011
CHINA: Journalist Qi Chonghuai sentenced to a further eight years.

29 June 2011
CHINA: Artist Ai Weiwei faces enormous fines

7 March 2011
CPC Statement on Detention of Zhu Yufu and Mo Jiangang

2 March 2011
ICPC Statement on Detention of Ye Du

12 January 2011
CHINA: Death announced of prominent writer Zhang Jianhong (aka Li Hong)

1 January 2011
ICPC Statement on the Passing of Mr. Zhang Jianhong

08 October 2010
The Norwegian Nobel Committee
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2010

9 June 2010
CHINA: Prominent writer Zhang Jianhong (aka Li Hong) released; grave health concerns

1 March 2010
CHINA: Writer Tan Zuoren sentenced

14 February 2010
International PEN celebrates 50th anniversary of Writers in Prison Committee with year-long campaign

12 February 2010
CHINA: Prominent dissident writer Liu Xiaobo¨s appeal rejected

11 February 2010
A Joint Statement on the Sentence of Liu Xiaobo and Tan Zuoren

2 February 2010
CHINA: Writer and Independent Chinese PEN Officer Zhao Shiying released

29 January 2010

18 January 2010
CHINA: Writer and Independent Chinese PEN Officer Zhao Shiying Detained

December 30, 2009
CHINA: Prominent dissident writer Liu Xiaobo sentenced to 11 years

December 23, 2009
A Joint Statement on the Trial of Dr Liu Xiaobo

December 7, 2009
PEN Renews Calls for Liu Xiaobo¨s Release

November 112009
A letter to President Obama from ICPC

02 November 2009
CHINA: Internet writer and activist sentenced

5 October 2009
Day of the Imprisoned Writer


10 July 2009
CHINA: Uyghur writer and PEN member detained

June 24, 2009
CHINA: Prominent dissident writer formally charged.

June 24, 2009
ICPC¨s Statement to Strongly Protest Against the Charge and Arrest of Dr. Liu Xiaobo

June 16, 2009
More than Six Months on, Liu Xiaobo Remains in Detention

27 March 2009
CHINA: Health concerns for jailed writers

18 March 2009
CHINA: Two journalists released; health concerns for remaining prisoners

17 February 2009
CHINA: Uighur historian released from prison

30 December 2008
Charter 08: Decade of the Citizen

12 December 2008
Liu Xiaobo Is Indivisible from Us

10 December 2008
CHINA: Prominent dissident writer detained.

03 November 2008
Will You Listen to the Voices of Chinese Civilians?

30 October 2008
Post-Olympic Effect: Progress but Still "One Word, One Shame"

8 October 2008
CHINA: Uyghur journalist and writer detained.

08 September 2008
CHINA: Dissident writer Hu Shigen released

023 July 2008
CHINA: Dissident writer re-arrested

021 July 2008
Chinese Writer Re-Arrested as Crackdown Continues

13 July 2008
Failing to Deliver: An Olympic-Year Report Card on Free Expression in China

08 July 2008
China fails to deliver: an Olympic-Year Report Card on Free Expression from PEN

02 July 2008
Chinese Journalist Sentenced, Others Prevented From Meeting U.S. Officials

16 June 2008
CHINA: Internet writer Huang Qi detained

13 June 2008
Detentions Escalate at China Quake Site

6 June 2008
No Let-Up: China Detains Another Writer
Feng Zhenghu Held Incommunicado

2 June 2008
Golden Pen Presentation Speech

28 May 2008
Chinese Journalist Wins 2008 Golden Pen of Freedom


30 April 2008
PEN writer and Chinese citizen, Yu Zhang, denied entry to Hong Kong for World Press Freedom Day conference

18 February 2008
A Letter to President Hu Jintao

06 February 2008
CHINA: Writer and human rights activist Lu Gengsong sentenced to four years in prison for subversion.

5 February 2008
Ching Cheong's release hailed, although it is eclipsed by Hu Jia's
arrest and Lu Gengsong's sentencing

4 February 2008
A Letter to Premier Wen Jiabao

17 January  2008
ChinaCall for immediate release of cyber-dissident Li Hong on humanitarian grounds 

16 January 
2008PEN Concerned about Terms of Release of Cyber-Dissident in China

15 January 2008
CHINA: Dissident writer Wang Dejia released on bail

11 January  2008
CHINA: Activist and dissident writer Hu Jia detained; health concerns

7 January 2008
Statement on the Criminal Detention of Hu Jia

28 December 2007
Hu Jia Detained on Suspicion of
Inciting Subversion of State Power

27 December 2007
CHINA-UNITES STATES:Hacker attack on Boxun website crashes 2,000 blogs1

20 December 2007
PEN Condemns New Detention of Cyber-Dissident in China

20 December 2007
CHINA: Dissident writer Wang Dejia detained for comments on Olympic Games.

19 December 2007
CHINA: Health of imprisoned writer Zhang Jianhong rapidly deteriorating

14 December 2007
CHINA: Leading writers from China and North America mark International Human Rights Day (10 December)

12 December, 2007  
COC accused of neglecting human rights issue

10 December, 2007  
The letter to Chinese leaders                                                                  

10 December 2007

20 November 2007
CHINA: Writer, independent publisher and civil rights activist Yang Maodong (aka Guo Feixiong) sentenced to five years in prison

03 October 2007
CHINA: Writer and human rights activist Lu Gengsong charged with subversion.

20  September 2007
CHINA: Journalist Qi Chonghuai detained and facing charges for his writings on corruption

20 September 2007
CHINA/TIBET: Tibetan monk and writer Venerable Rinchen Sangpo harassed for his critical writings; reports of ill treatment.

15 September 2007
China Releases Jailed New York Times Researcher

7 September 2007
CHINA: Leading dissident writer Chen Shuqing sentenced to four years in prison



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