Name  ZHAO Yan
Pen name 
Sex Male
Birth date  1962-03-14
Birth place  Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
Resident place  Beijing
Education  B. A. in literature at Heilongjiang University, 1985

News Assistant at Beijing Bureau of New York Times, former reporter and editor at China Reform Magazine

Date of arrest  2004-09-17 (detained) / 2004-10-20 (arrested)
Organ of arrest  National Security Bureau of Beijing City
Cause of arrest 

Alleged to have revealed the news of Jiang Zemin's resigning to NYT, and also investigating and publishing articles to help the farmers to uphold their rights

Charge  Divulging state secrets (dropped) and fraud
Date of sentence 2006-08-25/2006-11-31(appeal)
Organ of sentence Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People¨s Court (closed trial), Beijing High People¨s Court (appeal)
Sentence  3 years imprisonment
Defender  Lawyer MO Shaoping
Place of jail  Detention Center of National Security Bureau of Beijing City
Situation in jail  Held incommunicado
Date of release  2007-09-17
Family contact  Unknown
Donation to
Case adopted by   ICPC
Current Status 

Investigation To contact the family


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