Name  LIU Xianbin
Pen name 
Sex Male
Birth date  1968-08-25
Birth place  Suining City, Sichun Province
Resident place  Suining City, Sichun Province
Education  Completed at China People¨s University without a certificate due to political reason
Profession  Freelance writer
Date of arrest  1999-07-07 (detained) / 1999-07-14 (arrested)
Organ of arrest  Public Security Bureau of Suining City, Sichun Province
Cause of arrest  Internet writing and publishing dissident articles and open letters, founding Sichun Preparation Committee of Chinese Democracy Party

Subversion of the state power;
Inciting subversion of the state power (2nd)

Date of sentence 1999-08-06; 2011-03-25(2nd)
Organ of sentence Suining Intermediate People's Court, Sichun Province
Sentence  13 years imprisonment and 3 years deprivation of political rights;
10 years imprisonment and 2 years and 4 months deprivation of political rights(2nd)
Defender  Oneself; Lawyer MA Xiaopeng (2nd
Place of jail  Sichun No. 3 Prison, Dazhou County, Sichuan Province;
Chuanzhong Prison, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province (2nd)
Situation in jail  Pulmonary tuberculosis (cured later); OK
Date of release  2008-11-06 (reduced three times by 3 years and 8 months in total); 2020-06-27
Family contact  CHEN Mingxian (wife), Tel: 0086-13778747500
Suining Middle School, Suining City, Sichun Province, 629000
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Case adopted by  ICPC
Current Status 

Released on reduction of the sentence on 2008-11-06
Main case reopened for re-detention on 2010-06-28.




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http://www.alliance.org.hk/prison/?lang=g&viewid=1132 (Chinese)