Name  CHING Cheong
Pen name  Zhong Guoren
Sex Male
Birth date  1949-12-03
Birth place  Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province
Resident place  Hong Kong
Education  B. Sc. in Geology and Economics at Hong Kong University, 1973
Profession  Correspondent of Straits Times (Singapore daily), Hong Kong (Honorary member of ICPC)
Date of arrest  2005-04-22 (hold under surveillance in Beijing), 2005-08-05 (arrested)
Organ of arrest  Beijing National Security Bureau
Cause of arrest  Unknown 
Charge  Espionage
Date of sentence
2006-08-31/2006-11-24 (appeal)

Organ of sentence Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People¨s Court (closed trial), Beijing High People¨s Court (appeal)
Sentence  5-year imprisonment, 1-year deprivation of political rights and expropriation of 300000 CNY
Defender  Lawyer HE Peihua
Place of jail  Beijing City
Situation in jail  Incommunicado 
Date of release 

2008-02-05 (Parole)

Family contact  Mary Lau (wife), Tel: 00852-98643589
Donation to
Case adopted by  ICPC
Current Status 

Release on parole on 2008-02-05
(Therefore the case closed) ICPC keeping contact

http://www.peacehall.com/news/gb/china/2006/08/200608161916.shtml (Chinese)
http://www.penchinese.com/wipc/08news-may/531.htm (Chinese)