Name  WANG Xiaoning
Pen name  SHI Cheng, CHEN PingTiandi Pingshu
Sex Male
Birth date  1950-01-07
Birth place  Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Resident place  Xicheng District, Beijing City
Education  Graduate from the East University of Technology, Nanjing City (1977)
Profession  Freelance writer and editor of several e-journals (Honorary member of ICPC)
Date of arrest  2002-09-01 (detained), 2002-09-30 (arrested)
Organ of arrest  National Security Bureau of Beijing City
Cause of arrest  Internet writing/publishing dissent articles, editing and distributing e-journals by e-mail, and publicizing the ideas to prepare the Third Road Party.
Charge  Inciting subversion of state power
Date of sentence 2003-07-25
Organ of sentence The No 1 Intermediate People¨s Court of Beijing City
Sentence  Sentence 10 years imprisonment and 2 years deprivation of political rights
Defender  Lawyers BAI Yu and HAO Jun
Place of jail  Beijing No 2 Prison,, Postbox: 2357-16, Chaoyang District, 100121 Beijing (since 2010)
Situation in jail  Tortured to stop his appealing
Date of release  2012-08-31
Family contact  YU Ling (wife)
Donation to
Case adopted by  ICPC
Current Status  Main case (the earliest case found in which Yahoo had a role of cooperation with Chinese authorities)
Release on expiry of the sentence on 2012-08-31                    
(Therefore the case closed) ICPC keeping contact
http://www.guancha.org/info/artshow.asp?ID=38885 (Chinese)
htm (Chinese)
http://www.weachina.com/author/wangxiaoning.htm (Chinese)

PDFs/PressReleases/Wang-Xiaoning-27Apr06.Judgment.pdf (Chinese)