Name  HU Jia
Pen name 
Sex Male
Birth date  1973-07-25
Birth place  Beijing
Resident place  Beijing
Education  B.Sc. in Information Engineering at Beijing Institute of Economics (1996)
Profession  Freelance reporter, civil rights, environmental and AIDS activist, and former editor of Beijing TV
Date of arrest  2007-12-27 (detained)
Organ of arrest  Public Security Bureau of Beijing City
Cause of arrest  Internet writing and publishing reports and comments on verious social issues
Charge Inciting subversion of state power
Date of sentence 2008-04-03
Organ of sentence 1st Intermediate People¨s Court of Beijing City
Sentence  3 Years and 6 months imprisonment and 1 year deprivation of political rights
Defender  Lawyer LI Jingsong and LI Fangping
Place of jail 

Beijing Prison, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Situation in jail  Liver cirrhosis
Date of release  2011-06-26
Family contact  ZENG Jinyan (wife), Tel: 0086-10-81929880, 0086-13810673273 (m)
Donation to
Case adopted by  ICPC
Current Status Released on expiry of the sentence on 2011-06-26
(Therefore the case closed) ICPC keeping contact

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